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UR7s Africa

UR7s Africa

UR7s Africa is a yearly program delivered by Ultimate Rugby Sevens throughout East Africa including a coaching tour featuring international 7s players and coaches from around the world and the delivery of full-time Legacy Development Programs in Kenya and Zimbabwe

The UR7s Africa coaching tour is running from Uganda to Swaziland and finishing at the Olympic Qualifier for Africa in November. Starting in August the program is led by itís projects in Kenya and Zimbabwe where the aspirations of the masses is to play rugby.

UR7s will also be delivering in the following countries.

  • Uganda
  • Tanzania
  • Mozambique
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Swaziland

The aim of UR7s Africa is to introduce and develop the game of rugby 7s within East Africa. Give opportunities to those from all backgrounds to get involved in the Olympic sport of rugby 7s, develop coaches and players alike, create competitive on field and social opportunities and use the moral and ethical code of rugby to underline behaviours on and off the field. Working with partners, unions and sponsors, UR7s aims to deliver to thousands of old and new players each year leaving a last legacy of rugby development in the country with sustainable legacy programs delivered by local coaches.

Coaching Team

The coaching team is made up of international rugby 7s players from all over the world including England, Wales, Kenya, USA & South Africa. All of the players are well known faces in the rugby 7s world both as players and coaches including Chris Cracknell, Paul Holmes, Mat Turner, James Walker, Rocky Khan, Humphrey Kayange, Collins Injera and Dennis Ombachi.


During the coaching tour, UR7s produces daily, weekly and monthly documentary episodes and following the coaching tour a complete documentary series for the program. This is pushed out via internet, social media, local press and television. UR7s has built relationships with press in all of the countries that it will visit during UR7s Africa so that all of the partners and the program itself can receive coverage across East Africa.

The Documentary Series for UR7s Kenya 2014 can be seen here:


The 2015 Documentary series is shot via GoPro and production team with the journey across Africa charted both inside and outside of the car, from refuelling in Uganda through to border control in Tanzania, the journey and the challenges and excitement lived by the coaches in big cities through never ending roads will be included as the coaches deliver in the most remote parts of Kenya and East Africa.

UR7s Kenya Legacy Development Program

Following the success of the coaching tour in 2014, UR7s is now delivering a weekly Legacy program through local Kenyan coaches that were coached during the 2014 tour. The Legacy Program is designed to both introduce rugby and integrate young boys and girls into the game by creating a pathway from school to club and if appropriate on to the national side. The program is currently delivered in Nairobi led by Kenny Andola, a Strathmore graduate and member of the national 15s team.

The legacy program is currently delivering to 100+ students per week both as introductory programming and developmental programming for boys and girls for the ages 14-18. The UR7s Kenya coaches are also working with coaches and teachers to install rugby 7s programs in schools and community programs. The coaches are also widely working in the Kibera region of Nairobi in the community program.

The Chinese proverb says "Tell me, Iíll forget, Show me, Iíll remember, Involve me, Iíll understand"

Supporters, Partners and Sponsors

Atlas Support and Development Services

Atlas are the title and main sponsor of the UR7s Africa program. Atlas provides turn-key support service solutions to multiple sectors including oil & gas, mining, construction, NGO and government, enabling its clients to operate efficiently and maximise performance.

The support of Atlas and vision of CEO Carl Esprey has made the UR7s Africa program possible from it's beginnings in Kenya in 2014 through to it's now full-time programming and Pan-East Africa coaching Tour. Click here to learn more about Atlas >>>>