UR7s Partners: Learn how to get a University Education and play top class rugby in the USA at the US Collegiate Development Rugby Camp

UR7s Partners: Learn how to get a University Education and play top class rugby in the USA at the US Collegiate Development Rugby Camp

UR7s has teamed up with the USA Development Camps run by former USA 7s coach Alex Magleby to help young rugby players from outside of the USA understand the opportunities that are available to continue their education and play top level University rugby in the USA.

In 2013 the Collegiate Rugby Championships was watched on television by 6 million people with tens of thousands watching the tournament live which is run by USA Sevens the same as the HSBC World Sevens Series leg in Las Vegas. Akin to Collegiate sports seen on television around the world like Basketball and American Football. rugby and rugby 7s also give players the chance to play in front of huge crowds, develop under the best coaches and receive a world class education from Ivy League institutions through to programs in all corners of the country.

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The University game in the USA has the some of most professional coaches and deepest programs for rugby across the world with the very best education to match. With Universities offering scholarships, help with applications, understanding how the application procedure works is impossible without the right help. Collegiate coaches are looking to attract some of the best student rugby players from around the world to their universities with the opportunity of qualification to represent the USA 7s like students who were educated in the UK like Madison Hughes (Dartmouth) and Chris Wyles.

World Class education institutions including but not limited to the following have some of the best University rugby programs in the world with the highest level of coaching

  • AIC
  • Arkansas State
  • BYU
  • Brown
  • Harvard
  • Dartmouth
  • Cal
  • Life University
  • PENN
  • Yale
  • Princeton
  • Many More

Understanding the application process, the differences between the programs, coaching and education are each University is vital for students and parents that might be interested in further their education in the USA which is where UR7s and USA Development Camps are giving opportunities for students aged 16+ and beginning to think about University the chance to gain more information about going to University in the USA.

Each University is very different with different levels of expectations academically and with rugby experience with some being Varsity sports and offering scholarships and others offering different levels of help.

The only way of fully understanding the process is meeting the coaches from all of the Universities, spend time discussing the opportunities and allow the coaches to see the students themselves play rugby and receive world class coaching all within a University environment whilst away from the field learning about how to put University applications together and at what point.

US Collegiate Development Camp is a premier high school boys showcase development camp linking high school student-athletes with top rugby and academic university coaches. It is a great chance for high school students to meet and work with coaches from many of the top rugby universities, top academic institutions, and US national age-grade coaches.

Head coaches are: Paul Emerick (Tiger), Gavin Hickie (Dartmouth), Matt Huckaby (Arkansas State), Kimball Kjar (BYU), Alex Magleby (US), Dan Payne (Life U), Tony Pacheco(Central Washington / Collegiate 7s All-Americans), and Salty Thompson (High School All-Americans).

The UR7s Academy coaches will also be attendance helping players from around the world understand the opportunities that are specific to rugby 7s across the world in the newest Olympic sport.

This year's USA Development Camp takes place at the Ivy League University Dartmouth the home of former USA 7s Head Coach Alex Magleby, who are now coached by former Leicester Tiger Gavin Hickie. Madison Hughes who went to Wellington College in the UK and attends Dartmouth has recently just been capped for the USA 7s squad in Wellington on the HSBC World Sevens Series.

The development camp takes place on June 28th - July 1st this summer with boys welcome from all over the world to continue their rugby development and learn more about university rugby in the USA.

Learn more about this years USA Development Camp and for full details on the program - CLICK HERE

Want to speak to someone and learn more about the Camp and the opportunities in the USA. Are you a parent or interested student? Contact us on [email protected] with subject title: University in the USA

US Collegiate Development promotes a learning environment built on fundamentals, tactical / strategic understanding; leadership through action and clarity, all formed on a high work-rate foundation. This camp includes rugby skill assessment, rugby instruction in the core rugby skill and decision-making areas, feedback and plan creation to improve on skill assessment post-camp, seminars in nutrition, sports science, and recovery.

Evening academic workshops to include College Planning, 4-year High School Plan, Application and Essay Building, Time Management, Organization Skills, Social Media Do’s and Don’ts, Note Taking, Find out Your Learning Style, How to talk to Coaches/Admissions Counselors.

As importantly, each athlete will have an opportunity to work with top collegiate coaches and to meet 1 on 1 to help determine the right university for you and your family.

UR7s full recommends players from all over the world attend the camp for world class coaching and to gain a real understanding of the exciting opportunities are available for rugby players to attend University in the USA

****Please note, UR7s makes no financial gain out students who attend the camp or gain entrance to schools/universities in the USA****