Portugal Sevens Pedro Leal

Pedro Leal pulls the strings for Portugal 7s on the HSBC World Sevens Series, widely seen as Portugal's best player in a side that has consistently upset the form book. Pedro will be taking readers 'Inside Portugal 7s' this year as they tour the world on the series, giving readers the chance to understand what it takes to play for Portugal.

James Haskell

James Haskell is one of the most famous rugby players in the XV man game. He also played for England 7s when developing as a young rugby player. Renowned for his athletic physique, James has immersed himself in the world of functional athletic fitness. James is giving readers the chance to understand how he prepared his body for the rigours of professional rugby and specifically rugby 7s with a monthly column on fitness and nutrition

South Africa Sevens Chris Dry

Chris is one of the standout players on the HSBC World Sevens Series, playing for the Blitzbokke he has won tournaments all over the world. He will be giving readers the chance to see 'Inside South Africa Sevens' this season with his monthly column

England Sevens Callum Wilson

Callum is England Sevens latest signing straight from University in Loughborough. Callum is going to give readers a chance to see what it's like on the World Series for the first year as he writes about his first year of Professional Rugby with the England team under coach Simon Amor. The highs and lows, Callum spell it out right here on UR7s.com

Canada Sevens Nathan Hirayama

Nate Hirayama is the captain of the Canadian 7s team on the HSBC World Sevens Series, a point scoring machine he is consistently at the top of the board due to his pin point kicking record and habit of scoring important tries for his side. Nate will give UR7s readers a chance to understand what it takes to be a professional rugby 7s player on the series in his 'Inside Canada 7s' series this season

Rugby 7s Officiating Rasta Rasivhenge

Almost as well known on the World Series for his speed as Carlin Isles. Rasta is one of the top officials from the HSBC World Sevens Series. This season he will be answering your questions on refereeing and what it takes to be a top level 7s official

Wales Sevens Lee Williams

Lee has been a major part of the Wales 7s squad for a number of years on the HSBC World Sevens Series, enjoy the highs and the lows of professional sport on tour. Lee is going to be sharing those highs & lows this season with readers of UR7s with his 'Inside Wales 7s' column

Australia Women Sevens Tim Walsh

Tim played for Australia 7s on the HSBC World Sevens Series and from this season is now the Head Coach of the Womens team on the Womens World Sevens Series which is competed on 6 stops around the world. Follow Tim's first season in charge and their journey to Rio here in his monthly column on UR7s

Australia Sevens Jesse Parahi

Jesse is a man mountain and works tirelessly in the engine room of the Australia 7s team on the HSBC World Sevens Series. A recent captain of Mike O'Connors team he will be taking readers 'Inside Australia 7s' for another season on UR7s looking at touring, performance and preparing for one of the toughest sports in the world

Rhodri Mcatee

Rhodri was a Rugby World Cup 7s winner with Wales, a JP Morgan 7s winner and played in the inaugural World Club 7s with Gloucester. He has seen it all and now he is going to be commenting on it as it happens right here on UR7s.com. Rhodri will be giving a players view from the comfort of his armchair as the World Series season progresses

Kenya Sevens Peter Ndonga

Kenya 7s are perhaps the most popular side on the HSBC World Sevens Series, they are also one of the most dangerous with World Class performers all over the field including Collins Injera and Humphrey Kayange. Peter is going to be watching them closely this season whilst also giving us an insight into the game of 7s in the country from the series, the clubs and the characters that make the game so great

Scotland Sevens Colin Gregor

Gregor has played on the World Series for a number of years and has captained his country with passion and skill. In a huge year for himself and Scottish rugby as Glasgow hosts the Commonwealth Games, Gregor is resuming his duties and bringing you all the news and happenings from the squad in his column

Tom Burwell

Burwell has followed the world of rugby 7s as editor of UR7s.com for the past 5 years. There are not many tournaments he has not been too and fortunately for us he is going out on the road again this season. His 'Rugby 7s Now' weekly column and UR7s TV show will analyse the world of rugby 7s both on and off the field from every corner of the globe.

Jon Bolter

Many years spent anonymously following 7s has had led to Jonathon forming some often controversial views on the sport. Hugely connected on the global circuit and with a bulging blackberry of contacts means UR7s will be often getting the inside scoop from him. Hold your hats folks as he paints his picture of ‘Joue Rugby’ dovetailed with a Moët lifestyle.

Netherlands Women Sevens Kelly Van Harskamp

The Netherlands were the first Womens 7s nation to go full-time professional with a view of not only competing for but winning gold medals at the Olympics. Competing on the Womens World Sevens Series, star player Kelly Van Harskamp will let us into the squad and join the journey to RIo with her monthly tell all column

Canada Women Sevens Jen Kish

Jen is one of the very best players in the world. An inspirational leader for a Canada 7s team that made it to the RWC7s final last season in Moscow. Jen will once again be penning her journey around the world with her team. From Dubai to Sao Paulo, she will be making sure UR7s is with her every step of the way

Fiji Sevens Ben Ryan

Ben Ryan is one of the most recognisable names in the world of rugby 7s. A genius of a coach, he led England 7s for six years from the comforts of Twickenham and all over the world. Following his departure from the RFU in the summer, he has set on the path for another adventure, this time with Fiji 7s as they plot their route to gold in Rio. Ben will make sure we have a front row seat!

USA Sevens Matt McCarthy

Sometimes known as his alter ego Jonatan Wicklow Barbarie but always in the know for what is happening in rugby in the USA. Matt will be watching the little closer this season and talking to players, coaches and administrators about the state of the game in the USA as they battle it out for a spot in Rio

Mike Friday

Mike is the general. He has had coached with huge success with both England & Kenya on the HSBC World Sevens Series and equal glory in Sri Lanka and with the Samurai International. Widely seen as one of the best coaches in the world, Mike looks at the game of 7s and says it how it is.

Huw Warren

Huw Warren is the UR7s Academy Manager, a S&C specialist and probably a few more things with that. Huw will be taking us 'Inside the Academy' and understanding just what happens when International rugby stars coach the talent of the future all over the world. He will also be penning articles on S&C, Fitness and Nutrition

France Sevens Paul Albaladejo

Playing across the backline for France, Paul is skilled, fast and strong and scores a lot! The French 7s team have all the flair that is expected of French rugby and this season Paul will give us an idea of the work that goes in, on and off the field for that flair to mean success

Innerfight Marcus Smith

Marcus Smith, the founder of Innerfight is a former rugby player who has played 7s at the highest level and is now one the most respected S&C coaches in the world. He is widely considered one of the fittest men in the Middle East, competing in Crossfit Games successfully. Marcus talks Rugby 7s Fitness

Andre Ryder

Andre has been covering rugby in South America for much of the last decade. With the olympics and specifically rugby 7s heading to Rio, Brazil in 2016 he is now concentrating much of his writing time on the short-form of the sport much to our benefit! Andre will take a closer look at 7s in South America and the success of smaller rugby nations like Spain, Portugal, Canada, USA & Russia and how olympic inclusion is changing the face of rugby in those countries.

Australia Womens Sevens Rebecca Tavo

Rebecca is a World Cup winner in 2009 with the Australian Women 7s team. Current Captain as the Australians challenge for honours on the inaugural Womens World Sevens Series. Rebecca is a dual international also representing her country in touch-rugby. Hailing from Western Australia the powerful and skilful ball carrier has also succeeded off the field becoming BHP Billiton's first female trainer driver in 2006

All views are her own and not of UR7s.com or Ultimate Rugby Sevens

Mara Moberg Netherlands Womens Sevens

Hi everybody my name is Mara Moberg, I am a Dutch professional rugby 7s player. I played for RC the Pink Panthers ( Netherlands), RFC Poneke ( Wellington, New Zealand) Saracens ( London, UK ) and AAC Amsterdam


In At the side.com

Inattheside.com is the UK's leading Schools Rugby website, covering every level of school and university rugby. Each month, the boys will be bringing the very best coverage of schools rugby 7s to the readers of UR7s with some great features. More information on schools 7s head to Inattheside.com

Spain Sevens Jaike Carter

Jaike Carter was a powerful, fast winger for Spain 7s on their excellent debut season on the HSBC World Sevens Series. This season he will be our inside columnist on the squad, watching and analysing the team as they progress on the series as he studys for his masters in England due to Spain deciding to change their 7s priorities

Nick Jordan

Nick has travelled all over the world. His business is rugby 7s both in the media and in running tournaments. Involved with the early editions of the Wellington 7s, he now runs the Coral Coast 7s in Fiji. Nick has covered just about every tournament in the world and is one of the leading rugby 7s journalists on the circuit

Australia Womens Sevens Emilee Cherry

Emilee Cherry is a vital part of a successful Australia Womens 7s squad under Tim Walsh. Emilee will be bringing UR7s' readers all of the insights into training, performance and touring as the Aussies aim to win the Womens World Sevens Series in 13/14

Jill Scanlon

Jill is a Media and Communications Consultant, a Sport for Development advocate and Sports journalist. Jill will be writing features on 7s in the Southern Hemisphere