All the Action from Wellington 7s Finals Day on the HSBC World Seven Series as it happened

All the Action from Wellington 7s Finals Day on the HSBC World Seven Series as it happened

England dramatically won the Wellinton Sevens against Kenya in the final on extra-time as Sam Edgerley snuck over in a stunning final. England who have struggled at times this season, flew out of the blocks at the start of the match going 12.0 up but Kenya pegged them back and moved into the lead at 19.12. Both teams defended incredibly. Kenya throwing everything at the English in defense and having their chances to win the game themselves with Marcus Watson tracking back incredibly on Collins Injera.

England dramatically won the Wellinton Sevens against Kenya in the final on extra-time as Sam Edgerley snuck over in a stunning final. England who have struggled at times this season, flew out of the blocks at the start of the match going 12.0 up but Kenya pegged them back and moved into the lead at 19.12.

Both teams defended incredibly. Kenya throwing everything at the English in defense and having their chances to win the game themselves with Marcus Watson tracking back incredibly on Collins Injera.

Kenya then defended for what seemed like an eternity and it wasn't until they had 2 men in the sin-bin that England finally broke them down and drawing level and sending them into extra-time.

Extra-Time and both teams were out on their feet but England got hands on ball from a turnover and stretched kenya and finally a hole appeared and Edgerley dove over to silence the Kenya pro crowd and Ben Ryan and his England team went into delirious joy.

All the action from Wellington as it happened in the eyes of Jon Bolter


I am calming down. I don't normally get caught up in the new world order stuff but this weekend has been different. A wonderful final won by a great team and lost by an equally great won.

Wellington has been stunning, the World Series has been stunning. I need a drink....oh go on then. I need Las Vegas....Taxi!!!

See you next week guys, hope you enjoy the coverage...Love you all. JB


I am completely choked up. Heart was going a million miles an hour and I am so proud of not just of England but of Rugby 7s. That's why we are an Olympic sport. Kenya I salute you, you will win a tournament and it could come this season. It has been an incredible weekend, I don't know what to do with myself. It's all too much for this journo at the moment.


Match 45 - England 24.19 Kenya - Cup Final (Extra Time)

What on earth is going to happen now!! Stunning final. I can't quite remember one like this.. Fitness tells now but so does heart

Kenya ball at the scrum, hearts must be going crazy for all involved. I know mine is going bonkers!!

England spread it, great take by CLP, he finds Norton who finds Watson and Edgerley has it. England Win!!! England Win!!!!


Match 45 - England 19.19 Kenya - Cup Final (Second Half)

Second half is underway in Wellington. Mat Turner who has been the catalyst is making mistakes for England now. Maybe a change needed by Ben Ryan. It's Kenya ball

Kenya so strong at the breakdown, England struggling to retain their own ball. Kenya stretch away but somehow Watson catches Injera!! This match is end to end and the tension for this Englishman is unbearable. Only Friday and Brown must be the only Englishman who are happy at the moment. Kenya still looking fresh with 3 mins left to play, they are not going to go away here. Will this be telling. Kenya captain is in the bin for final 2 mins for foul on the floor.

Another man in the bin for Kenya and England go under the posts. Somehow we have gone to extra-time...stunning defense. So much tension


Match 45 - England 12.19 Kenya - Cup Final (First Half)

20 minutes of power coming up from Kenya and 20 minutes of speed and fizz from England. What's left in the tank from both teams? Can England retain their improved form in defense whereas Kenya can they show the patience that shocked the All Black 7s that we haven't seen before. If England defend at the level they can attack, they will win but don't get me wrong Kenya could win this...Jeez, I BLOODY love the World Series......

Great start for England, they go untouched through 6 sets of hands before finding Norton from Turner who goes under the posts. CLP with the extras. Powelly then get's a turnover from Kenya breakdown before finding CLP who goes over for another score. Kenya are absolutely stunned at the moment. Let's see what these boys learnt in the Yaka Yard.

They have learnt alot. First bit of real ball and back to the power game through the A channel. Kenya get a score back and the extras. It's 12.5 to the English. Kenya break away after some issues at the breakdown for England and Oscar Ouma goes under the posts so they will lead he's missed the kick so all square at 12.

Ghosts of former defensive issues have reappeared for England. Mat Turner misses Ombaka who goes under the posts and Kenya now lead by 7 points. England need to get it together if they are going to avoid the upset


Match 44 - Samoa 7.17 New Zealand - 3rd/4th Place Play-Off

Kiwis open the scoring playing coast to coast, Dickson and Khan in the midfield adding some real pace and fizz to the ball before finding the corner. 5.0 All Blacks 7s. Samoa not having much ball at the moment and making the odd mistake taking the pressure off the Blacks. It's 5.0 at drinks

Stunning pace and footwork from Kaka. The Kiwi youngster rapidly moved away from the Samoan defenders to open up this game and make it 10.0 - now it's a 2 score game it's a big ask for Samoa but Levasa scores under the posts, the kick will make it 10.7 with just under 2 mins to play. Kaka has sealed it though, Rocky Khan creates it and Kaka seals it, that's the future of NZ 7s right there.

I think Mikkelson is so good, almost as much as Starmers loves anyone from Fiji. Cama, Forbes and Baker off the field at the moment, getting a glimpse of a future possible Olympic team on the field at the moment. The Crowd are going wild for the Kenyans, England getting zero from this crowd


Match 43 - Australia 22.7 Scotland - Plate Final

Australia on top in this one. Scotland lose a man to the sin-bin (Colin Gregor) and Australia take advantage of the numbers with 2 early scores. Scotland just can't keep their hands on the ball without making a mistake. Australia take advantage finding Lewis Holland once again before Shannon Walker kills them on the blind-side and grabs his 5th try of the tournament and it's drinks.

Scotland come back into the game in the 2nd half, scoring first and have chances to continue their resurgence as young Australian side beginning to make mistakes. Australia defense holds firm (just) though with Shannon Walker making some telling tackles, ripping the ball in the tackle akin to rugby league in one and one situations. Australia have the final say with Peter Lee getting the final score and Australia winning 22.7 in the Plate Final


Match 42 - Canada 28.19 Fiji - Bowl Final

Canada get first score from Taylor Paris following stretching of legs from Sean Duke but Fijians fire right back with 2 scores of their own from Raqamate. Canada not to be outdone on the big stage against their esteemed opposition as Taylor Paris scores in the corner and Hirayama adds the extras to tie it up at 14 a piece as the buzzer goes but Canada regain from the kick off and immediately find the width to score before drinks and lead 21.14

Fiji score first in the 2nd half through Tinai but the kick is missed so Canada still lead. John Moonlight has probably won it for Canada as he fends and beats his man down the whitewash for the score and the extras are good to go up 28.19 in this Bowl Final.

Canada hold on for victory, only their 2nd ever win over Fiji in history of World Sevens Series


Match 41 - Wales 7.21 Tonga - Shield Final

Tonga have finally arrived at this tournament and they lead 14.0 including a penalty try. Wales with all the work to do to get back into this game. Tonga just bullying the Welsh now and Tonga get a 3rd score. Wales have barely been out of their own half. 21.0 Tonga but Wales sneak one back through Luke Morgan just before the break to give them a chance.

Wales get the first score after the break and are now playing against 6 players and back to a full compliment themselves. Rhys Jones gets the extras as well. We have a game at 21.14

Shellard gets Wales their 3rd score and now playing the game with real width. They now find themselves 21.19 down with kick to come, which is good so we are all square at 21. Great comeback from Wales, look to seal this win now. Wales win it, it's not been in doubt in this 2nd half as Wales go up 26.21, there is one play left mind. Could they?


Kenya 14.14 New Zealand - Cup Semi-Final - Extra/Time

Stunning come back by Kenya but what have they got left. Kenya win! Kenya win!!!!!!!!!!! Oscar Ouma scores!!


Match 40 - New Zealand 14.7 Kenya - Cup Semi-Final

Who will England meet, it felt yesterday that Kiwis were slipping but that's not the case. Let's see. Friday v Ryan in the final, oh that's the dream.

Kiwis open the scoring. Ben Lam is so powerful and dynamic. Mikkelson finds Cama and Tomasi opens the scoring and off course he nails the extas!! It's 7.0 to All Blacks 7s. Kenya are holding their own here, it was one sided in Dubai but Kenya have grown since then and playing with real confidence. The Shujaa are turned over though and the Blacks play coast to coast 7s from Lam through to Forbes before it comes back the other way, lazy defense by Kenya sees them off-side and then Lam finds Mikkelson for another score. Extras good. 14.0 at drinks

Kenya need to score first in this 2nd half but still giving away sloppy penalties so it's the Kiwis in command, we have a game now though as Oscar Ouma scores from length with a fend. Big kick here, must get it you'd think. 14.5......he got it!!! 14.7 and they have a chance.

Kenya have scored!!! Brilliant, so patient, like no Kenya side we have ever seen and they are under the posts!!!! 14.12 kick to come to go to extra time. Kick is good 14.14 we are going to extra minutes!!!


Match 39 - England 21.19 Samoa - Cup Semi-Final

It's always these two, they just can't leave each other alone. Even in England struggles they have been able to beat Samoa and that was in Dubai that Samoa won. Revenge was had the following weekend in PE though, this is anyones game. Samoa probably just shading it on form so far this weekend, can England match their power game and give me one half of my dream final here in Wellington?

Here we go then. Samoa draw first blood as Aiono fends off Turner and goes it at the corner in the first minute. Too easy, England will need to improve big time. England not awake yet, they need some ball to calm their nerves half way through the first half. England give away 2 free-kicks at the scrum and it results in another score. Samoa lead 12.0 and England have yet to make a pass, shell shocked is not the word!!

England in the game now, obviously they have targeted the Samoan blindside. CLP scores it, Turner and Powell involved. It's 12.7 Samoa. That's brilliant from England and specifically CLP and Watson this time. England will go into the lead 14.12 after the extras. Wll played England, defense needs to improve at drinks.

This game could go either way but England have all the ball and Samoa make silly mistake and Tupou is carded for it. 7 v 6 England must score here and make it tell. Samoa turn if over though, pinned right back but they have the ball. Penalty England though and they get the ball back and Watson scores!!!! They deserved that, brilliant defense created that. England lead 21.12

Samoa score through Lio Lolo, England cannot cover the width and extras are made with a minute left on the clock. What a game!! England have enough time but ref is making them play the line-out even though the buzzer has gone, what drama. England put it out on purpose!!

England win!!!! England are in the final!!


Match 38 - Australia 28.12 South Africa - Plate Semi-Final

South Africa actually out scored the Kenyas in tries but missed all their kicks so important that they find a kicker. That being said they have scored already and missed the extras. Their kicking game today has looked like that of an U13 match. Really poor but they lead 5.0 from a score from Hendricks. Ozzies are spirited though and bounce right back with a score of their own through Lewis Holland up the middle and they do nudge the extras so it 7.5 Australia.

Shannon Walker shows his absolute class, amazing he is the oldest in this Australian team as the Golds take a 14.5 lead, still showing the Boks how to kick. It will not be seen as a good weekend for Paul Treu if they go out at this stage (with 1 win to their name all weekend) plenty of rugby left in this one though.

South Africa need a spark now as the 2nd half is underway. Must score next. Both sides playing coast to coast rugby as we speak at this stage but struggling to find that killer blow. That's probably it though, it's that man again Shannon Walker and it's his feet that supply the blow for Australia, with the extras added it's 21.5 and looks to be all over. Chris Dry gets one back and it's converted but all too late for the Bok especially once Ozzies score again

Australia to play Scotland in the Plate-Final


Match 37 - Scotland 35.5 Argentina - Plate Semi-Final

Both of these sides were well beaten in the Cup Quarter Finals but making the plate final will be seen as successful outing for the weekend so a lot at stake here for both sides. Pumas have to be favorites but Scotland played some decent stuff yesterday so let's see what happens.

Scotland take an early lead and it's weird to see Argentina wearing red that's for sure. Robertson gets the opening score and extras nudged over by the dependable Colin Gregor. Scots continue the pressure and dominance with 2 further scores from Riddell and Fedo and coast into half-time at 21.0 without really breaking a sweat. I take it all back!

Pumas get the first score after drinks with some great footwork and they needed that to have any chance at all, Diaz Bonilla is a decent player that's for sure. That has probably sealed it though, Scotland grab a 4th score and extend their lead again. It's going to be nigh on impossible for the Scots to give this one away. It's been a good weekend for Gemmell and his men, who needs Phil Greening! 28.5 and it's all but over.

Scotland grab another score to emphatically seal it and they will face either South Africa or Australia in the Plate Final later on....


Match 36 - Fiji 19.17 France - Bowl Semi-Final

Glad to see Fiji are still here, I thought they might pack up and go to Vegas early. To be fair the French were impressive against Wales earlier as well. Let's see who has the best of this one, the French have had the Islanders number this season so far. Candelon scores early for the French, he has been a machine this tournament as that is his 8th score of the outing. Raqamate bites back for Fiji but Candelon grabs another one as well, France appear again to have the game plan to frustrate Fiji and it's working.

This is another great game of 7s between these two very good sides. Both will be angry that they are in the Bowl. France grab the first score after the break and that could be crucial as they now lead 17.7 and Fiji have some work to do. France defense has kept it's discipline well against the big Fijian side.

France under pressure as the game draws to a close but the 10 point lead appears to be enough but with time still left on the clock the defense crumbles and Fiji get into make the score 14.17 could we see another incredible comeback on the cards? Just like that!!! Fiji grab another one and the 'cake-tin' goes wild!!! Fiji win 19.17


Match 35 - Canada 31.7 Spain - Bowl Semi-Final

Canada take first blood with Sean Duke the try machine opening up and burning the outside for his first. Going to be a battle between Duke and Pedro Martin here i'm sure. Spain not at the races to begin with as Taylor Paris grabs another for the Canucks and Spain appear to still be in the changing rooms. Taylor Paris is everywhere and he pops up to take the ball from Hirayama for a 3rd score for Canada to take a 24.0 lead of the Europeans at the break after Moonlight grabs a 4th score of the half

Spain just want to get on a flight to the city of sin at this point as another score is conceded. Canada looking like the side that beat South Africa yesterday. Spain still struggling to consistently find their feet. Spain's late score is nothing more than a consolation. Not alot to take from this game for a Spanish fan. Well done Canucks, into the Bowl final but waiting for you there.....France or Fiji


Match 34 - USA 15.17 Wales - Shield Semi-Final

USA take an early lead against a Welsh side that still look shell shocked from what the French did them earlier this afternoon. Matt Hawkins scoring the first score but the Welsh fight back and look much like the side that has won 2 consecutive plate titles on the series with scores from Morgan, Shellard and Thomas to lead 17.5 at drinks

US get a score back after half-time leaving us with a serious game on our hands. The Americans not quite as disruptive as they were against England in the Pools yesterday but equally tough for the Welsh to break down. The from the re-start Zach Test regathers and finds Blaine Scully who scores again. It's 17.15 and Wales are rattled. How much are missing all of the extras going to hurt?

No more scores, Wales hold on for the win and the USA can make their way to Las Vegas for what is going to a be a huge week for American rugby


Match 33 - Tonga 17.7 Portugal - Shield Semi-Final

The Islanders finally get a win in Wellington and a well deserved one at that with scores coming from Tevita Halaifonua and Titali Mau in the first half where the game was won. Portugal having made 2 Cup Quarter-Finals on the bounce have very much come down to earth with a bang


That means we have the following semi-finals in the Cup

England v Samoa
New Zealand v Kenya

and in the plate

Scotland v Argentina
Australia v South Africa


An incredible afternoon so far at the the Westpac Stadium. Here's the results as they stand

32. 02 Feb 2013 - 15:39 Kenya 21 - 20 South Africa QF Cup
31. 02 Feb 2013 - 15:17 Australia 5 - 24 New Zealand QF Cup
30. 02 Feb 2013 - 14:55 Samoa 31 - 7 Argentina QF Cup
29. 02 Feb 2013 - 14:33 England 31 - 7 Scotland QF Cup
28. 02 Feb 2013 - 14:06 France 33 - 12 Wales QF Bowl
27. 02 Feb 2013 - 13:44 Fiji 29 - 12 United States QF Bowl
26. 02 Feb 2013 - 13:22 Canada 28 - 5 Tonga QF Bowl
25. 02 Feb 2013 - 13:00 Spain 26 - 19 Portugal QF Bowl


Just before 7am here in Wellington and I am still getting over what was an incredible Day One yesterday at Westpac Stadium. The Bowl Quarter-Finals kick-off at 2pm local time, with the first Cup Quarter-Final just after 3.30pm local time. Still shocked at seeing Fiji in the Bowl and I am sure that is not going down well in Suva but that's the world series and Australia and England specifically won't have any sympathy following their tough start to the season. They are joined by France meaning numbers 2&3 in the Series standings are in the lower tier and that New Zealand have a chance to pull even further away at the top, but they are going to have to much improved from yesterdays performance.

Last night I was sure that Samoa will win this one, this morning I have no-idea. New Zealand will be tough to beat but so will South Africa if they can get past Mike Friday's Kenya. I am going for an England v Kenya final...just because it would be amazing drama!

A reminder of how the Quarter-Finals looks in Cup

England v Scotland
Samoa v Argentina
Australia v New Zealand
Kenya v South Africa

The Bowl Quarter-Finals look like this.

Canada v Tonga
France v Wales
Spain v Portugal
Fiji v USA