It’s all beach sand, sunsets & good vibes for the Beach Rugby Series Nomads.

It’s all beach sand, sunsets & good vibes for the Beach Rugby Series Nomads.

When you first hear the word Nomads your initial thought of people who travel the world, adventuring and meeting new people. The Beach Rugby Series Nomads are exactly that.

Like the famous invitational sides of the world who often have the underdog status. This due to their traditional lack of preparation, early-stage cohesion and often because they are not results driven. It’s mainly about the touring aspect of the tournaments and all the enjoyment that comes with it, on and off the field.

The concept of getting a invitationals team together for various rugby events worldwide is not uncommon with sides such as Samurai Sevens proving to have incredible success.

These teams are often a interesting mixture of players, some that may have been hand selected while the others could be just a couple of guys who share the same passion for the sport. However you look at it, there will be a team will players that you won’t know in the beginning but will be friends with in the end.

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To date the Beach Rugby Series (BRS) has had one only invitational type team in the previous series’, the aptly named SACS Old Boys. This was a team organized by a lover of beach touch and one, which formed of players who attended the same high school. Due to the nature of the beach, their first couple of hit outs were what they were expecting – tough - but as the series continued they progressed. The players didn’t know each other and quickly needed to learn each other’s on field habits and abilities. Nevertheless the best of it all was the friendships that were established off the field.

Apart from the SAC's side the BRS has seen its fair share of players with the invitational style mentality. A mentality which is carefree, focused on having a good time and mixing with like minded people as well as putting as much effort off the field as on it. With the sand at your toes, wind in your hair and beach on the horizon it’s very hard not to.

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For the first time in BRS history we will be having a BRS Nomads team where you will be able to enter as an individual. This allows players from the Cape Town a chance to play in the series, take to sand with some soon-to-be teammates and create an environment where the sole focus is enjoyment (mixed with a little competitiveness). You’ll arrive on the first evening, get given your kit and get things underway with your new team.

If you are interested in entering the first ever Nomads Beach Rugby Series team then make sure you move hastily. The team who will be challenging for the sought-after title of the Beach Kings of Cape Town is filling up fast.

Contact [email protected] if you are interested in becoming a BRS Nomads, making BRS history and taking to the grains in South Africa’s biggest and best beach rugby series.

See you on sand with ball in hand.