No reason to panic for All Blacks Sevens despite poor result on the Gold Coast of Australia on HSBC World Sevens Series

No reason to panic for All Blacks Sevens despite poor result on the Gold Coast of Australia on HSBC World Sevens Series

There's no doubt New Zealand's effort at the Gold Coast Sevens wasn't good enough by the high standards set by themselves and their coach over the past 15 years

Gordon Tietjens' side was hammered 31-7 by England in the cup quarterfinal on the Gold Coast, their earliest exit from cup competition since the Dubai Sevens in 2011. New Zealand simply didn't turn up.

With a new squad, new combinations, and some players yet to return from NPC duty, Tietjens is waiting to put a settled squad together before hitting the panic button.

''It was thoroughly disappointing to lose to England in the quarterfinal, but it's also a concern looking at how tough the world series is going to be this year, ''Tietjens said.

''We bounced back well and finished strong, I suppose, after that loss, and I guess the positives out of that are that we comfortably beat Samoa who went on to the final, so that's just how tough it is.

''The Gold Coast is always one of the toughest tournaments for us, because with the way Super Rugby contracting and the domestic season is, we don't have a full compliment of players to work with.

''Once that all finishes up, we'll have a better idea of where we sit and where we are going this year.

We've already lost Ben Lam, Bryce Heem, Ambrose Curtis, guys like that, so we've got to try and replace those guys.''

The performance expectations on Tietjens' New Zealand team from the public can often surpass that of the All Blacks.

One loss to England in a quarterfinal had some supporters concerned about New Zealand's prospects for the new season.

But Tietjens said it's early days.

''Perhaps, because we've won it, over 15 series and winning it 12 times, it's a fantastic record but you can't just live off that.

''People may not acknowledge just how hard sevens is, and you also take into consideration that, A, this is the first, and B, I'm trying to blend a new team basically.

''I have the core group of players, but in terms of other players, with the ITM Cup and Super Rugby, I'm still waiting while other teams haven't been affected.

''I'm still looking for new players, and until those Super Rugby teams are announced and I find out who I've lost, or who I've retained, we can't really move forward.''

It gives an insight into the challenges Tietjens faces year to year.

He's known for unearthing gems, and New Zealand is fortunate that he does unearth those players given the high player turnover in his squad.

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Look at Tim Mikkelson, a world sevens player of the year discovered at a club sevens tournament.

It was the same for Declan O'Donnell and Frank Halai.

The next world series tournament is in Dubai on December 5-6, when Tietjens will have a clearer idea of the players he can choose from in developing his side for this season.

Remember, there's no need to panic when Tietjens is in charge.