Seven Quick Questions with Canada 7s Winger Sean Duke

Seven Quick Questions with Canada 7s Winger Sean Duke

Every week, UR7s will be asking 7 questions to some of the most famous names in the game. Finding out what makes them tick, who the best players they have played with and against are. Who inspires them and where in the world rugby 7s has taken them that they love the most. First up was powerful England 7s forward Chris Cracknell then we spoke to the irrepressible and equally dominant powerhouse of Kenya, Oscar Ouma. This week it's the try scoring winger from Canada, Sean Duke. Sean has played on the World Series for almost 5 years so knows his way round the series. Press PLAY in the PLAYER above to watch one of Sean's greatest scores on the HSBC World Sevens Series earlier this year in Wellington

1. First World Series Tournament you played in and first team you scored against?

My first World Series Tournament was Wellington in 2009, but I didn’t get my first try until my third tournament, which was Hong Kong Sevens in the same year. I scored against Chinese Tapei from a Ciaran Hearn offload – I don’t quite remember the score but I know we won by a decent margin.

2. Best team you have played against and why?

I’d say the Samoan squad from the 2009-2010 season. Uale Mai, Lolo Lui, Simaika Mikaele, Alafoti Fa’osiliva, Mikaele Pesamino, Ofisa Treviranus… those guys were unbelievable that year and the Samoan team was thrilling both to watch and play against.

3. Best 7s Player you have played against and why?

This is a tough one, but I would give that to Mikaele Pesamino for the 2009-2010 season that he put together along with his teammates. He really stepped up, making big plays both on offense and defense to show that he was the real deal in terms of being a complete player. His biggest strength was always his pace, though he had some serious footwork and ball-in-hand skills.

4. Biggest influence on you as an international rugby 7s player and why?

My biggest influence on my development as a 7s player is Philly Mack- He’s been a major leader on the team as long as I’ve been playing for Canada and he’s taught me a lot about the game he knows so much about. Philly was keen to give me input when I was starting out, and it seriously helped me grow as a 7s player and more specifically, a winger. Philly continues to be a huge positive influence on the development of our players because he has so much to offer in terms of experience, knowledge and leadership.

5. What are yours and Canada's aims for the 2013/14 season?

Our aims are to appear in more cup rounds than ever before, as well as to improve on our world ranking from last season. Last year we played in 4 cup quarters and failed to win the opportunity to play in a cup semi… this year we’d certainly like to redeem this and earn a place in a cup semi or two.

6. Best Player you have ever played with and why?

I’ve played with some seriously good players over the years, but I give this one to Nate Hirayama. Nate’s been with the team since he was 18 and has been a major competitor in both the 7s and 15s programs ever since. He’s a true gamer, and as time passes, he keeps stepping up as a player and as a leader. I’ve played with him for a long time in the national 7s and 15s programs, as well as our university team, and I’ve seen him do some amazing things… his talent makes skill execution look breezy, and it’s a bit of a joke how silky smooth the guy moves on his feet. Great hair, too.

7. Favorite stop on the World Series and favourite coffee shop/restaurant/place on that stop and why?

My favourite stop on the Series in Wellington because I love the city- it’s beautiful, hilly, on the water, and has really nice people. I also really enjoy the buzz that the tournament causes in Wellington, especially the parade. Gloria Jeans (the one on the corner- not the one in the bookstore) is my go-to spot for coffee because we used to rip coupons for free coffees out of the phone books in our hotel rooms and I’ve become attached to it.