Your Weekly 5 Day Strength and Conditioning Program from UR7s and Innerfight V2

Your Weekly 5 Day Strength and Conditioning Program from UR7s and Innerfight V2

Every Tuesday, UR7s and Innerfight will be bringing you a brand new 5 Day Training program every week. The program is designed by Marcus Smith, founder of Innerfight and aimed at improving every angle of your strength and conditioning preparing you for whatever life might throw at you on and off the rugby sevens field.

UR7s and Innerfight will soon be releasing 4,6 & 8 week training programmes specific to rugby 7s to get you in the best shape possible for the rugby 7s season, these will include training on and off the field, sessions you can do with your team mates and fitness testing sessions.

We are committed to bringing Strength and Conditioning too all at no cost through the weekly training programs. Following the success of starting the weekly programs last week, we are now into the 2nd week of training. We received some great questions last week that Marcus answered so please don't hesitate to get in contact if you need anything clarified

You can now download all 5 days workouts directly from this page rather than registering for Innerfight by clicking directly on the links below. For demonstrations of any of the exercises go to the section on the Innerfight website. You can do so directly by clicking here.

Marcus is an internationally renowned strength and conditioning coach whilst also have competed on the international stage for rugby 7s. He is now a competitive 'crossfitter' having consistently finished in the top 10 in Asia he is considered one of the fittest guys in the region. The training programs have this in mind, combining the need for fitness, strength and functionality all required for success on the rugby field.

The weekly training program is not tailored for elite success on the rugby 7s field, if that is your goal you will need to purchase the 4,6 or 8 week programs but the 5 Day Program is designed for high level fitness training that can be done in any gym around the world, it will see you improve in all facets of strength and conditioning which will also improve your athletic performance to a level that you have not achieved before.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact on [email protected] with the subject title - Weekly Training with UR7s

5 Day Training Program with UR7s and Innerfight

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Day One - Leisure Time

Day Two - 2 No Shows

Day Three - The Barrell

Day Four - The Oasis

Day Five - Push Press Mania

For Demonstrations of all the exercises and workouts included in this weeks program, click here

For success and improvements all training programs require a good nutrition and supplementation routine. UR7s will be bringing out the Rugby 7s Food Guide very soon but for supplements, we currently recommend Maximuscle and the revolutionary The Protien Works products for those in the United Kingdom. For the best deals and products from Maximuscle click here and for the best deals and products from The Protein Works click here -