US National 7s Championships

US National 7s Championships


San Francisco, CA, United States

This years US National Championships will be taking place in San Francisco.

With qualifiers taking place across the country, the best 16 teams in the nation will do battle to be crowned National Champions

All of the territorial unions have a qualifying processes with a number of tournaments in each territory making up the qualification leagues and in some case terriorial championships taking place.

With 16 teams taking part from 7 areas of the country the make-up of the tournament is the following

Western RFU - 3 Qualifiers Southern RFU - 2 Qualifiers Pacific RFU - 2 Qualifiers Mid-West RFU - 3 Qualifiers North-Eastern RFU - 2 Qualifiers Mid-Atlantic RFU - 2 Qualifiers Southern-California RFU - 2 Qualifiers

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